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Catch this week’s brand new Korra episode, The Stakeout, debuting exclusively on nick.com/korra @ 12PM (Noon) Eastern Time and is not being aired on TV!


Hey all! So I hear there’s a popular demand for a Kainora ship week, and having saved the kainoraweek (and kainora-week) url in preparation for planning such a thing, I’d like to hear some feedback from my fellow Kainora shippers.

First things first, I’d like to take a poll to see when people would like to have the ship week. My own preferences aside, I would be interested in seeing what other people feel would be a good time for the ship week. I’ve set up a poll below with several options. Keep in mind that a good ship week needs good planning and promotion so people can have time to prepare and that Book 3 ends on August 22nd.

So, When should Kainora Week 2014 be?

Second, if you’d be interested in helping to organize/run Kainora week, let me know! It would be super helpful to have others on board, especially if you have prior experience planning or participating in ship weeks!


KATARAWEEK (August 4 — August 10) begins in 6 days!

  • Day 1: Family (8/4)
  • Day 2: Matriarch (8/5)
  • Day 3: Sacrifice (8/6)
  • Day 4: Hope (8/7)
  • Day 5: Queen Katara (8/8)
  • Day 6: Fury (8/9)
  • Day 7: Hugs (8/10)

Be sure to check rules first before participating!

— The Katara Week Admins.

the legend of korra
3x07 “original airbenders” scenery

Creators of The Legend of Korra Explain the Show's Not-Cancellation


In case you didn’t see our explanation from the opening of our SDCC panel in video or in person, this io9 article transcribed it. (One minor note is that I said “cable cutters” and not “cable numbers,” but I mumble so no big deal). You can also find this speech in the first 3.5 minutes of the full video of our panel, uploaded by various people on YouTube, if you want to hear me mumble it instead. Thanks again for the continued, amazing support from fans of the show!


I really like Opal— she’s so sweet and cute! Her and Bolin would be the bestest. Something seems so right about Toph’s granddaughter being an airbender. 

maybe it’s time we found out
what the daughter of the mightiest god
can do

Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be


thats it thats the show



Complete list of all US TV viewers of The Legend of Korra, Book 3: Change

  1. A Breath of Fresh Air - 1.504 million
  2. Rebirth - 1.504 million
  3. The Earth Queen - 1.289 million
  4. In Harm’s Way - 1.195 million
  5. The Metal Clan - 1.179 million
  6. Old Wounds- 1.282 million
  7. Original Airbenders - 1.334 million
  8. The Terror Within - 1.03 million

Book 3 will no longer be airing on TV. Episodes 9-13 will be uploaded to nick.com/korra weekly @ 12PM EST on Fridays.


Hey, folks! Are you all frustrated that Nickelodeon still hasn’t released a soundtrack from Avatar: The Last Airbender? I know I am! Well, one solution to this problem is to join an orchestra and perform Jeremy Zuckerman’s beautiful scores yourselves!

The New Orleans Volunteer Orchestra performs ‘Peace’ from ATLA. 

This made me teary-eyed, partially due to hearing this particular piece of music again, but also because this amazing group of people dedicated their time and talents to this. Great work!


Meanwhile, Korra discovers the shocking truth about the group that’s be after her!” 

→ C a l l   m e   K o r r a